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"I'm paying $60 to $80 less a month since your inside windows were installed." -R.R. TX

I purchased Climatizers for all my windows last summer.I rarely write letters of  recommendation, so before I wrote this letter, I wanted to test the product for one year, to see if the product met my desired expectations.  Thanks to the Climatizers, I have survived noisy lawn mowers, barking dogs, motorcycles, children screaming; and fireworks right outside my home.  I am absolutely amazed how much the Climatizers reduced outside noise and kept the temperature even and cool.   I cannot imagine not having your product in my home!   I cannot thank you enough for the quick installation. It was a pleasure to work with your salesperson and installation teams!   K.M.B  TX

"We really appreciate the way you do business. No high pressure, we recommend you to everyone." -G.B. S.A.,TX

Your Climatizers performed as expected. Noise was cut about 70%.  Very satisfied.  E.G. Laredo

I did not think twice about installing Climatizer windows, they were exactly what I was loking for and it took just one second to decide "yes". They are just wonderful for climate and noise control plus I've lower my CPS bill.  Ecstatically they are beautiful. They make my 36 yr. old home look gorgeous inside. Thank God! I did not have replacementwindows installed.Replacements were going to cost me $13,000 over and above of what I paid for my Climatizers. And I must say the service is exceptional. How great is that?  R.F. SW

I’ve been holding off thanking you for a specific reason. I wanted the receipt of at least three CPS bills to verify just how good your product worked. We did have a substantial decrease during the “hot” period which backs up all your claims. Thanks again, you’ve got a great product.  W.J.B.  Universal City, TX

"The reduction of exterior noise is great! Our four month old son can sleep without being awakened by noise of lawnmowers, barking dogs and military jets that continually fly overhead." -R.H. AppleCreek

Thank you for making a great product that actually does what it claims to do!  My wife and I are very pleased with the Climatizers, especially how they keep dirt and dust out of our home.  The Climatizers work great for noise reduction. We have one rooster and three hens in our back yard and we hardly know they are there. Thanks again for all your help.  D & K.W. TX

I am writing this letter to let you know how satisfied I am with the recent installation of “Climatizer” windows in my home. 

    When looking at installing your product, I had a couple of specific needs.  First, I was interested in reducing my energy bills by insulating my windows.    Secondly, I was a bit different than your other customers in that I was trying to keep the noise from going out of my home.   I play electric guitar and I did not want to bother my neighbors with loud music when I was playing.

     I must tell you; I am more than completely satisfied with the windows.  When the windows were being installed it was a particularly cold day.  We could actually feel the temperature in the room rise as the windows were installed.   Secondly, I did a noise test once the windows were installed and I am now able to play as loud as I would like, at any time of day, without ever having to worry about my neighbors.   When you combine this with the professional installation, the ease with which the windows were installed and professional look and feel of the product, I am happy to say I am a completely satisfied customer.  

  Thank you for making our home a better place and for the quality of your work and please feel free to use us a reference with any of your potential clients.

The Wiess Family - Lone Tree Co

There is a marked difference in temperatures (both winter and summer) after the installation of the Climatizers.  I am pleased with the appearance and effectiveness. They do work and perform as advertised.  H.E.M.   TX

In July 2003 I made a decision to purchase 14 Climatizer Windows for my home, after years of seeing your newspaper advertisements, and finally seeing the actual product demonstrated at one of the Home and Garden shows. I first thought of the windows as a good way to provide additional insulation, but later on, stopping outdoor noise became our main concern. When we walk into our quiet home now, we leave the world behind.  After all these years the Climatizer windows still look like new. We feel they provide extra security, and they are easy to take off and put back on for cleaning. Our dusting chores have become much easier because of our Climatizers. We love’em. My wife congratulated me, and says that it was money well spend. M&L. . Leon Valley, TX

Just a short note to let you know how "wonderful" your Climatizers are. Before your windows were installed in our bedroom, my wife and I had trouble sleeping at night because of road noise from a nearby intersection.  After we had ours windows installed we no longer are bothered by any noise what-so-ever!!! We can't believe the difference it made. Thanks for doing such a good job.   A.C., Ashton Woods

The benefits of your Climatizer windows have fulfilled our expectations to the utmost. We noticed a tremendous reduction of all outside noise. We live near the airport and the noise reduction is pleasantly noticeable. Our air conditioning unit now runs less. Dust abatement has also been evident. Your installer Mr. Hutchinson, explained what he was going to do and the approximate time it would take to do it. We were very impressed with how well organized he was. After the installation he showed us exactly how to remove the panels for cleaning. He was very neat and did a thorough job. I must say that when your sales rep told us we would never regret our decision to have Climatizers installed in our home, he was right on target! Sincerely,  D.T., TX

It has been over 8 years since our Climatizers  were installed. What a wonderful investment! Our home has been refreshingly cooler in summer and warmer and cozier durning fall and winter. The noise from outside such as rushing automobiles, barking dogs and loud music has been very noticeably diminished. We were pleased from the very beginning with our Climatizer windows. I just wanted to say thank you once again and wish you many more great years of success with your wonderful service and product. J.W. Running Creek

I have decided to have the remaining windows in my condo fitted with your Climatizer windows. I had 7 Climatizers installed in May; I should have had them all done at once.     I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am with your windows. I could tell the difference immediately as far as outside noise reduction was concerned; I could no longer hear any sounds from the auto dealership next door or from our complex swimming pool just outside my bedroom windows. The amount of dust and pollen infiltration has been greatly reduced.   Last summer’s electricity bill was lower. They definitely keep me cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Inside mounted Climatizers are ideal windows for condos; you don’t have to go through the HOA review board and you cannot see them from the outside. I urge everybody to have Climatizers installed in their homes, not only for the noise reduction, dust control and comfort, but also for energy conservation. Thanks again.   WRR S.A.

We purchased our brand new home a month ago - the home has awesome views to the woods in the back, but, it's right next to a busy road. We moved in and couldn't sleep without ear plugs. I saw Climatizer windows on the web and decided to give it a try, - boy did it make a difference...now we watch the cars go by, but it's like a movie on mute.  I'd say it's taken about 75% of the traffic noise out of our daily lives. Of course, the occasional buses and loud motorcycles are still audible - but it no longer feels like they're driving right up against our windows. The first day the windows were installed I just sat in my living room and enjoyed the silence.  I no longer have to keep the radio or TV on just to offset the constant traffic noise. Thanks for a great product.  By the way, Fred (installer) and Ed are very friendly, informative and dependable. I was in a hurry to have my windows done just to have some peace- everything was installed as promised and on-time. This is one of the best purchases we've made for this home.     MW. Austin, TX

My Climatizer windows are just wonderful! I had been wanting to do something to make  my windows more efficient for a long time, but I could not see why I had to tear out my windows that are still in good condition. I almost got talked into putting in fiberglass replacement windows. Boy, am I glad I didn’t. Your inside installation was just perfect for what I needed. You can imagine my surprise when I found out that I could have Climatizers installed over all my windows for about 70% LESS than what the replacement window people had quoted me. I’ve told all my friends and relatives about your Climatizers.   RF S.A.





"This is the first time since we built our home in 1952 that our windows didn't have steam on the inside." -R.B. Denver

"I love my neighbors, but I hate their barking dogs. Your inside windows saved our friendship. P.S. they also keep out dust. Best investment I ever made." -H.W. S.A.

"Your windows did everything your sales rep. said they would do, plus much much more. Thanks!"
-D.U. Ridgecreek

I originally had 4 Climatizers installed on the side that receives full sun in the afternoon.  They made the home significantly more comfortable, that after only 1 month I requested the windows be installed in the rest of my home.  My home is only a year old and supposedly energy efficient, but my first summer was so uncomfortably hot that it made me seek a heat reducing solution.  The Climatizer windows have made a big difference.  N.B. Raintree

Thank you so much for your product, your service and the very professional manner demonstrated throughout the entire process, We have been thrilled with the " Quiet " we are listening to in our home. And enjoy the added benefit of retaining our seasonal heat and air conditioning to help lower energy costs, as well as help our enviorment. We really feel that your procuct is understated and needs to be proclaimed as one of the best things a family could install in their home!   B&J,  Briarcliff

In April of 96 Climatizers were installed in my home. This was done for comfort, save on utility bills and keep out excessive noise from the neighbors.  I am happy to tell you my home is as cool as ever, yet my thermostat was raised four (4) degrees. The noise level is much lower. They do what they were installed to do, plus they are attractive.   B.C.  TX

We have had our windows for 6 months and we can really feel & hear the difference. Our AC is running less and our electric bills are lower. We really appreciate the noise reduction.   R. & C.F.  TX

6 years ago I purchased your windows for my apartment. I was very happy with the noise cutback & extra security. I recently moved to a bigger apartment and did not feel comfortable without my Climatizers.  I ordered another set and I’m looking forward to the security and comfort they provide.  S.B. TX

We wanted to let you know how much we like the windows you installed in our home. Our goal was to improve the thermal efficiency of our windows and we achieved this. In addition we noticed the dramatic reduction of outside noises entering our home. Dust and bugs entering our home have been eleminated. Thanks! B&VF SA

It is with great pleasure that we express our thanks and appreciation for the manner in which your craftsman installed the interior windows in our home.  He arrived at the appointed time and upon meeting him I quickly felt that he was a member of a fine organization and that he would do a good job .  He was very courteous and knowledgeable. His work was up to our expectations. Thank you for the excellent, neat and professional services rendered.  Without hesitation, I recommend your firm to anyone needing your services.  J.C.D Nedrub

 For some reason my wife felt the windows would look terrible. But after they were installed, she says they look great and blend right in.   With the Climatizers closed, I just sit here and listen to nothing.  It’s wonderful!! Your inside mounted Climatizers just give our home an entirely different “feel”.   R.L.  Schertz, TX

Initially we installed some Climatizers for insulation against the cold. We were surprised at how they eliminated a condensation problem that we had had since the day we purchased our home. There use to be so much moisture running down the windows that we had to set down towels on the window sills. Now we don’t worry about peeling paint or mildew any more. We went ahead and did all our thirteen windows. Our other surprise was how we now have less noise from large trucks, dogs, etc. to disturb our peace. We live near IH 35.  Thanks, M&R P, S.A..

I live near a busy freeway which produces a constant roar in my upstairs bedroom window that backs up to the freeway. I contacted you in hopes of helping me reduce the noise in my bedroom, allowing me some measure of peace and quiet. My room was so noisy I could not read or rest comfortably. You installed your windows in my bedroom this week. I am writing to tell you that I am in TOTAL AWE AND WONDER of your work! You said I could expect a 50% decrease in the noise after the windows were installed, but I discovered you WAY UNDERESTIMATED yourself!  I have experience a 100% decrease in the noise level, so that my bedroom is now COMPLETELY free of any noise at all!  Imagine my surprise!!!!  I feel like I have a new house far out in the country with more peace and quiet than I've ever had in my 25 years of living in Houston, TX. I must also say that I have NEVER dealt with a company that has such integrity. Everyone from the manager/owner to the window installers went out of their way to be prompt, courteous, professional and keep their word on what they promised to do, down to the very last letter. That is VERY RARE to find in a company these days!  What a wonderful surprise! On a scale from 1 to 10, I must rate your company and your product a GLOWING 10 PLUS!!!  And I must thank you MANY TIMES OVER for your excellent customer care and your outstanding product. I will recommend you to all my friends and neighbors. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! N. P., M.D., Houston, Texas

I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with the windows that were installed in my home.  As you know I had your same windows installed in another home several years ago. Once again I am very pleased with their performance. Not only do they do a great job balancing climate and saving energy, but I’ve noticed a tremendous improvement in the reduction of noise from the outside. The quality of your installer’s work speaks for itself. In addition, you have proved yourself to be dependable in every sense of the word.   M.V.M.  TX, TEXAS

We want to thank you again for Art's outstanding installation of our Climatizer windows. We totally love them. D &K, Bryant, TX

Our Climatizer windows installed a few months ago really paid off in the cold January weather.  We got a 40% savings over last January even though I’ve kept the thermostat up a degree or two.  We don’t have to sacrifice our comfort anymore to pay our electric bill which was getting out of control, and I don’t have to worry about my elderly father being too cold and miserable.  The noise level is bearable now since we live in a flight path within a mile of the airport and are also by a busy highway.  Thank you Climatizer for a great product.

M&C M, Kerrville, TX

Just some comments on your Climatizers.

We installed your windows over all our single-pane windows five years ago because of noise and to get some reduction of the heat coming into the house. We are highly pleased with the reduced noise level.

Before our windows were so hot when the sun shone through that we could not touch the glass. Now the new windows are quite comfortable even in the mid-afternoon heat.  We have had utility bills as low as $73. We are sure to save enough on CPS bills to pay for the investment. Additional benefit was reduction on the dust that entered the house and additional security. It was a sound investment installing your Climatizer windows. F&M, TX.

"Love how they look when installed, big difference, can't even tell they are there." -V.Y. TX

"After your windows were installed, my AC now runs about 5-7 minutes and is off for 40-45 minutes."
-H.V. Ridgebrook



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